Noah North... the future of Urban Rap Music.





the Constant movement upward

Noah North was born June 28 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He currently resides in Austin, Tx where he would live from age 5. Through his childhood, Noah's father would play everything from Frank Sinatra, Pearl Jam, Eric Clapton and The Who; while his brother would play, Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, lil Wayne and Drake. North pulls influences from just about every genre of music, his sound is certainly unique and will transcend the modern rap artist. From guitar ballads such as "The Other Day"  to trap bangers like "$oda", and "Chic". North has a way to work his word and voice into any beat and style while keeping a consistent, honest message and has proven that he will not be confined to one sound.  

Noah drew attention from the masses of the rap world following the release of his debut music video, goat which garnered 11 million views in a matter of months. Following this he released a self titled album named "north" independently. Noah is currently working on his Next EP set to release some time in August of 2018.



North vol 1


Goat Music Video - 11,000,000 Hits